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Guess Who's Back!?
Jun 4, 07 5:59 AM
Can't Keep Steady Connection
May 28, 07 12:01 AM
Killer Lag Update
May 24, 07 6:31 AM
Killer Lag
May 23, 07 9:23 PM
Web Site Live on GuildPortal!
Apr 26, 07 8:17 AM
Welcome to the Dragon Knights Guild Webpage!

Thank you for taking the time to visit the dragon Knight's Guild Page. This page like the guild it is named after is a work in progress. We are always welcoming new members to the guild with no preference on level required to join. We do ask that you are an active player on World of Warcraft. If you are interested in joining our guild apply here at the site or ask either myself "ShogunV" or "Michellepimp" in game on the "Draka" server.

Other Guild News

Guess Who's Back!?

538845113_Inactive, Jun 4, 07 5:59 AM.
Gues who's back guys? Yes indeed. After almost a whole month of not being to play after that last server update, I'm finally back. For some reason my Windows XP install of World of Warcraft didn't like the new updates so therefore wouldn't allow me to stay connected long enough tp really play the game. So in my down time I decided to dual boot Linux again. It didn't take long before my mind started to wonder if I would be able to run World of Warcraft under Linux or not but I was able to after searching around on Google for a bit as to how to set it up. Funny thing is my connection my connection is faster now that I'm running under Linux, still with the occasional (not many as it only happened once last night) drops in connection from my carrier. Along with all this away time my double experience bonus has been racking up so by the time I'm finished playing through all of them I will probably be level 50. My theory is that I probably wont be burning through all of them before the weekend as I let them build over night as well. Well enough about the new discoveries, you guys are welcome to hit me up when you like. Until then....


Can't Keep Steady Connection

538845113_Inactive, May 28, 07 12:01 AM.
Sorry i wasn't able to log onto WOW this weekend guys. It sucks for me as well, being that i had 4 days off, and couldn't play a bit. Here is the news though. My internet comes from a wireless modem and being that the sky has been very cloudy here lately with Thunderstorms this whole weekend as well as some last week, I haven't been able to keep a steady enough connection to play without being kicked off the server. The other times it refuses to even connect. Hopefully this bad weather moves on soon so I can rejoin you guys in WOW.

Killer Lag Update

538845113_Inactive, May 24, 07 6:31 AM.
Good stuff. Looks like whatever was causing various people to lag on the Draka server has gotten better. I was actually able to complete a mission without dying on my Paladin this morning. So needless to say, you guys will be seeing a whole lot more of me, until the next server maintenance that is :-). But hopefully after the next maintenance this problem won't show it's head again (not likely from my experience).

Killer Lag

538845113_Inactive, May 23, 07 9:23 PM.
I'm not sure how things are going with the rest of the members of the guild since this last server maintenance. But as for me my connection has been sucking as with other people I know who have a different carrier for internet. My connection has been sucking to the point to where it makes no sense in trying to play because the game / server lags so much I can be on the other side of a map and have died like 5+ minutes ago and not even know it until I realize that there are no enemies around or the like. So if you guys see me on and it takes a while to respond as well (not afk) more than likely that is what is going on. Hopefully whatever is wrong with the server will be fixed very soon as I have begun to notice that this is like the norm after pretty much any maintenance on the Draka server.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

538845113_Inactive, Apr 26, 07 8:17 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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